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Republic of Albania :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 58 12 Flag Game - Grenada :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 15 2 Alternate US Flags: United States Virgin Islands :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 4 2 Alternate US Flags: Puerto Rico :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 7 0 Alternate US Flags: Northern Mariana Islands :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 3 0 Alternate US Flags: Guam :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 8 0 Alternate US Flags: District of Columbia :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 4 0 Alternate US Flags: American Samoa :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 6 0 Alternate US Flags: Wyoming :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 5 0 Alternate US Flags: Wisconsin :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 7 0 Alternate US Flags: West Virginia :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 4 0 Alternate US Flags: Washington :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 4 0 Alternate US Flags: Virginia :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 5 0 Alternate US Flags: Vermont :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 5 0 Alternate US Flags: Utah :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 7 0 Alternate US Flags: Texas :iconrubberduck3y6:rubberduck3y6 9 1


Greater Imperial Germany :iconsoxwithpotatoes:SoxWithPotatoes 100 39 Administrative Divisions of the United Kingdom* :iconnanwe01:nanwe01 66 6 The Second Death of the Red World :iconammonoidea:Ammonoidea 229 30 Republics of Armenia :iconzalezsky:zalezsky 126 39 The World - Ice Age :iconjaysimons:JaySimons 128 11 Commonwealth of Botswana :iconzalezsky:zalezsky 34 13 Olde England :iconnymain:Nymain 21 1 MotM 1: The Italian Campaign of 1853-54 :iconnanwe01:nanwe01 103 31 Linguistic map of Europe :icon1blomma:1Blomma 202 101 Austria-Hungary, early 1900s :icon1blomma:1Blomma 81 18 Antillia, alternate history map :iconlingonb:LingonB 147 29 The United States of America :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 77 31 Alternate Coat of Arms of the Philippines :iconieph:IEPH 67 19 Northeast Asia, 1895 :iconmarcosceia:MarcosCeia 70 24 Alternate South America :iconmarcosceia:MarcosCeia 65 12 AH China 2010 :iconsapiento:Sapiento 71 43


Republic of Albania
The League of Prizren was founded in 1877/8 with the goal of uniting the Albanian people of the Ottoman Empire into a single administration, to be known as the Albanian Vilayet. While the League initially pledged to preserve the Empire's territorial integrity against independence movements in Bulgaria and Serbia, more radical voices soon began to make themselves heard. Leaders such as Abdyl Frashëri and Iljas Dibra pushed for full Albanian autonomy, launching armed rebellions against the Ottomans in Epirus, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania itself, as well as fostering a sense of Albanian national identity. While our history saw the crushing of the League and the imprisonment of Frashëri, while the Great Powers divided the Albanian lands between Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and a reduced Albania, here the League's goals are realised in full. Albania gains full autonomy, and later complete independence, in the territory of the four Albanian-inhabited vilayets of Kosovo, Scutari, Janina, and Manastir. The Salonica Vilayet was later divided between Albania, Bulgaria and Greece while Corfu was gained from Britain while the southern Ionian Islands were joined with Greece.
Flag Game - Grenada
1. You will be tagged by someone that already finished their flag.
2. This person will issue you a country from this list:…
      - It must be a flag that hasn't been chosen by anybody in the game before you.
3. You will create an alternate flag for your given country.
      - Your flag may incorporate parts of previous flags but it must be in some way original.
4. You will post the flag on dA, link to the flag of the person that tagged you and tag one other person, issuing them a country from the list.
      - For continuity's sake please also link to the flag done by the person you tagged when they post it.

Explanation of Flag: The clove of nutmeg reflects the crop's importance to Grenada's economy and it's former name of "Isle of Spice". Below this is a crescent moon representing the Virgin Mary and the name given to Grenada by Christopher Columbus in 1498: "Concepción".  The seven stars represent Grenada's seven communities (the six parishes of Grenada itself, plus the dependency of the Grenadian Grenadines). Green symbolises agriculture, blue the sea and the Virgin Mary, yellow warmth and Christianity and red courage.

PREVIOUS: Canada by FederalRepublic
NEXT: Bosnia-Herzegovina by kyuzoaoi
Alternate US Flags: United States Virgin Islands
The three stars represent the three main islands which form the US Virgin Islands: Saint Thomas, Saint John and Saint Croix, and also form the letter 'V' as well as reflecting the territory's geography. The red and white stripes recall the flags of both the United States and Denmark, from which the islands were purchased in 1917. Blue represents the Caribbean Sea, black represents the territory's people, red represents love and white represents clouds.
Alternate US Flags: Puerto Rico
Upon the blue triangle which represents the Caribbean Sea, is a large white star which represents the island of Puerto Rico and the independent spirit of its people. Surrounding the large star are three small stars which represent the next three largest islands in the Commonwealth: Vieques, Culebra and the uninhabited Isla de Mona. The triangle's three points symbolise the three branches of government: the executive, the legislative and the judicial. The three stripes of the field represent the pre-Columbian, Spanish colonial, and current American periods of Puerto Rico's history. Green and white are taken from the territory's coat of arms and symbolise Puerto Rico's rich vegetation and peace.
Alternate US Flags: Northern Mariana Islands
The flag represents the Northern Mariana Islands' two major indigenous ethnic groups - the Chamorros and the Carolinians - as it features a Chamorro latte stone surrounded by a ring of 15 stars which recall the shape of a Carolinian mwarmwar (or lei). The 15 stars also symbolise the 15 islands which make up the territory. The Northern Mariana Islands' history as a United Nations trust territory is symbolised by the white and sky blue colours, with the blue also representing the waters of the Pacific Ocean which surrounds the islands.



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FederalRepublic Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just FYI, there's currently a flag game going on here among deviantArt's flag makers and I'd like you to make a new flag for Grenada. Here's the link to my entry and the rules, if you're interested:…
RogueLeader1000 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2016
A modified version of your map on the Annexation Bill of 1866 was used on the Wikipedia page of the same name:…
rubberduck3y6 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for pointing that out! I actually modified the map and gave permission for someone with more knowledge of Wikipedia than me to upload it to the page :)
RogueLeader1000 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2016
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I like lot tour maps! 
Glad to watch you :) (Smile) 
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Thank you! :)
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